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Hi, I’m Timothy R. Deleo, but my friends call me Tim. I was born on July 12 in 1987 in Buckinghamshire, UK. Since I was a teenager, I always wanted to be in shape like my high school friends.

Their parents could afford expensive gym memberships and my dad was a maintenance and repair worker at the school, which is my current occupation.

YO Gallery Magazine Started in 2020 when the virus started to spread like crazy.

Once the virus started to spread exponentially, I realized I had time on my hands to do what I wanted. I started to work out from home using regular objects and then created workout routines for my friends.

To record my fitness journey, I created YO Gallery Magazine, a space to share my love for fitness and sports but also for art, travel, tech, and even fashion.

I have to be completely honest with you.Our reputation began to spread faster than the virus, as the magazine not only provides everyone with exclusive content about home exercise routines.

The magazine also features other trends in home activities, art projects, finance tips, fashion trends to try, and even tech-related articles for the tech-savvy.

The magazine is a total success, and nowadays most people prefer us because our content is entertaining and interesting. The website started in 2020 and it’s almost unbelievable how fast the magazine has achieved such a great and lovely audience in such a short time.

YO Sports & Wellness

It’s a section of YO Gallery Magazine. Here you will be able to read the latest sports news and you will have access to workout routinescreated by wellness coaches.

YO Art & Space

Learn how to appreciate the new art trends for GFX, music, painting, writing, and have access to a social platform full of artists.

YO Travel & Meet

Discover some of the best travel destinations with our travel reviews, create your own travel route, and travel with friends and family.

YO Tech & IT

Exclusive content about upcoming launches for companies involved in Nasdaq Index.

YO Trend

Learn how to access our exclusive trend articles published by fashion designers across the world.

YO Family

Together, we will talk about raising kids, organizing the home, and saving money.

YO Finance

We will teach everything regarding your home finance, saving money, investments, and potential business for your financial stability.

YO Love

Our mission is to advise our community with their relationships, flirting skills, and even ideas to have romantic dates with your SO without leaving your house.