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Tone it up

The Tone It Up girls have almost 700,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel and that is why their exercises are ideal for having a well-toned body. They also have a book on how to detoxify your body to start from scratch and get fit.

Mr. Maker

Mr. Maker is one of the children’s channels with the most subscribers. This channel will serve them to have fun and to learn English. Here you will find a wide variety of crafts to do.For example, you can make a monster-shaped cap and learn about insects.


With almost 20 million subscribers, this channel offers you classes with talented chefs and tips for your shopping and cooking. From light meal preparations to heavy meal cooking, Tasty features exciting recipe themes, like movie night snacks or recipes for avocado lovers.

You can learn different recipes from around the world by cooking delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert menus.

Kristin Johns

Kristin posts exclusive content from her everyday life with her husband and two golden retrievers to make tutorials. Her fashion adviceis very inspired with bohemian and vintage themes, and now, she has been sharing many baking tutorials on her channel.

Lone Fox

With more than 520K subscribers, Lone Fox is a YouTube channel that posts videos about DIY projects for room decorations and home remodelling. It provides several different DIY ideas, which are super creative, contemporary, fun, and affordable at the same time.

Victoria Lynn

This makeup artist and YouTube influencer shares beauty and skincare tips. For the most part, she uses artistic looks with bold, vibrant tones in her vlogs, repeatedly creating various Disney and other cartoon characters. She also shares great tips for skin care. If you are looking for bright and creative makeup looks, she is the one.

Marques Browlee

As Marques likes to say, “I make crispy tech videos on the internet”. With almost 5 million followers on his channel, you will find tech-oriented videos with reviews and letters dedicated to Apple, Samsung or even Twitter.

Fototripper, Gavin Hardcastle

With his energetic and witty humour, Gavin will keep you entertained and informed as you accompanyhim on his fantastic journeys. The best thing about his channel is that he is passionate and a professional photographer, so he shows everything he sees.