Mastering domains and hosting tools available nowadays is an essential part of providing a high-quality efficient service, as there is an increasing demand for these services. We offer you a 101 web-hosting guide to help you master the tools that you and everyone else can use.

Free Domain Registration with Web Hosting

This increasing trend in web hosting companies allows you to include your domain free in the hosting package you choose to purchase. Since you would have to pay for a domain name anyway, you should leverage this tool to your economical and practical advantage.

Web Hosting 101 A Quick Guide to Master Domains and Hosting Tools Free Domain Registration with Web Hosting - Web Hosting 101 - A Quick Guide to Master Domains and Hosting Tools

Data Recovery and Backup

Another trend that has been reaching a peak in demand is web hosting services packages including data recovery and backups managed by the hosting company. Having these services provided to you by the same people that host your website is a wonderful solution to maintenance issues, preventing you from having to hire extra IT staff.


Keywords are an important part of meeting SEO standards, which propels websites in general to success by positioning them high in Google rankings. Using keywords even within the domain names themselves increases the chances for the site to be positioned at the top of Google rankings.

Business Specific Hosting

With Internet Vikings domains, for example, you have the specific option for business hosting, which comes with 24/7 customer support, a broad limit for storage and bandwidth, and more.

If you want to be able to compete with companies like these or wish to stand out in the market, make sure you are leveraging this tool to your benefit.

Generic Domain Names

When you are choosing your domain name, try to make it generic regarding the topic it covers, as this gives you the option of expanding the topics you talk about in the site. Avoid using a specific part of your niche as a part of your domain and prefer words that include your whole niche. For example, instead of using Earl Grey you can use tea.

Domain Generators

With the high amount of already existing domains, the name you have chosen isn’t enough by itself. Using a domain generator tool will turn out creative domain names after entering the keywords that you want to be included. This tool saves a lot of time in research and coming up with already-used names.

Use .com

Keep in mind most of the current smartphone keyboards have a .com button available when entering addresses on a search bar. Although there are plenty of extensions available, you will find that sticking to .com makes your domain more user-friendly and potentiates the reach of the site you work with.

Learn to master the use of these domain and web hosting services’ tools and you will be leveraging a number of advantages any kind of website needs to become and stay successful.