Since the IT industry keeps evolving at a raging speed, new tendencies rise up constantly and change the way things work for digital magazines. Check out these latest trends in web hosting and SEO that digital magazines should use in 2020.

Web hosting

5 SEO and Web Hosting Trends Digital Magazines Should Use web hosting - 5 SEO and Web Hosting Trends Digital Magazines Should Use

Managed Web Hosting Services

If you want to be more efficient, you should look at web hosting services that provide system updates, help desk, backups, risk management, and some other services. Hiring these services will save you time and resources trying to sort it out with your team.

Protecting User Privacy

While your digital magazine might handle just a handful of customer and subscriber data, you still need to make sure that this little information is protected from hacking and malware. Prefer web-hosting services that will provide you with peace of mind, in this regard.

Toughened Price Competition

Take advantage of the toughened price competition between web hosting companies and get the best value for your money.


5 SEO and Web Hosting Trends Digital Magazines Should Use seo - 5 SEO and Web Hosting Trends Digital Magazines Should Use

Continued Evolution in AI Tools

Google has its automated tools for understanding language and bases its rankings on what it reads from sites like digital magazines. This means that, in order for your digital magazine to hold a high ranking, you need to hold your articles to high-quality standards and keep them useful to your readers.

Improved Queryless Proactive Predictive Search

Google has been using a tool called Discovery, which evaluates and ranks sites based on how your contents match the users’ interests after a search. It also looks at the content’s quality and ends up recommending your magazine if it meets these requirements.

Ensuring you can access a company that provides you with SEO and web-hosting services that meet these requirements is key. You can go to Internet-vikings.org and take a look at Internet Vikings, a company we know is reliable and provides top-quality services at great prices.

Keep up the good work, as applying these trends to your digital magazine will help you succeed and even increase the number of readers you reach with each article and content update.

Remember that it is a highly competitive market and try not to skip on any of the trends that set the pace for how magazines perform with users.